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Because every picture tells a story..

have always enjoyed photography, as looking back at old photos brought back the memories. I could feel the moment as if I was reliving it all over again. 

I remember getting myself a small Canon digital camera back in 2005 for my trip to Europe and ended up taking pictures of my cousin's wedding. Something that was done out of fun turned into more curiosity for me as I started enjoying photography. During my school, I participated in hairstyle photos shoot as a hair stylist but ended up taking some pictures that were displayed in Hair Academy. 

In 2009 I decided to invest in my first Canon DSLR T2i. It was quite an upgrade.  I had no idea what I was doing, as going from digital to DSLR was quite a change. Worth every penny as I got to take some incredible shots of my children while they were small. Those moments fly by, and as a parent, I wanted to capture each of them. 

What I love about DSLR's they never go out of style. It's like having that perfect pair of jeans, no matter the fashion trend, you know they will always be in style. 


In 2009 I got into food photography. I enjoyed it and to be honest had lots of fun staging food. 

Summer of 2022 I decided to upgrade my DSLR T2i and invested in Canon R6. A beautiful camera that not only looks sexy but shoots some incredible pictures with ease.


So this is me, enjoying what I do, because what is life if we don't do what we truly love. 

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